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Welcome to the site. Feel free to take a look around at my work and in the photo gallery. Should you wish to get in touch with me, you can contact me here.


I’ve been questioning my choices. Can I justify the risks I take? Can I be so selfish? There are times when the choices I make are not choices to be taken lightly. Life is a short experience. Far too short for some. The ones who shouldn’t...

The Rough Clatter

The rough clatter Of the raf Past mountain side strewn with stapled route Quick monourve Skittish adjustment Tourists gently guided Roped bridges Broken Karabiner Threaded over Wire high ways Touted buses pauses Allowed clicking fingered followers Off To engrave digitised reminders Of the steep strewn Valley Littered with rock. Boulders cluttering screes. Washing down to Constant moving water Frightened drivers Aghast at roller coaster tarmac Brakes squelch and...



Let me be free   Let me run wild.   Take me from these bonds of bells and books   And take me from the drudge and norm of my life.   Let me be free   Let me rush to and fro   And back and forth   And far and wide   And find freedom in the choice of...

Katy Forrester

The Beat

The beat, played by my feet, is achingly familiar. No longer on track and street, the beat is open on fell and mountain. No more pounding mile of pavement and concrete. I bound and play. On springy purple Heather. Through muddy bogs and paths that wind in scree. To tops. And ridge lines. No...