Katy Forrester | Since learning seems to be the only thing
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Katy Forrester

Since learning seems to be the only thing

Since learning seems to be the only thing that I can focus on this year I may as well continue with the theme.  If there is one thing that I have learnt this year it is to expect the unexpected and to not presume anything.


After a cracking wedding in Scotland, I came home to find a very happy Labrador and a new housemate for a few days.  Harry Holmes had decided to visit.  Team mate and geologist, it was lovely to see him again and great to have someone else around who thinks that May is the time to play with ice axes.


Matt is a new friend. He appeared Monday, thinking that Cumbria was dry…which it was, and that the cliffs would be dry…which they weren’t.  First unexpected result wasn’t the seepage at Reecastle but Matt, who is infamous online.  Fact is he is a talented, bright, friendly person and a great cragging partner.  Knowing the person and the infamy they don’t match up. Never presume anything about people.  The surprises are always worth being around for.


So, Matt, Harry, Pup, a giant slice of chocolate cake and myself went on a visit to Reecastle.  It was wet so I played with the dog and the others, including Pete Holder who had met us there, decided what to do next.  Decision made, we piled into vehicles to go…only we didn’t as Pete ground the van out on a rock.


It took time, muscles and some intelligence to free the van…the next crag we went to was rubbish…and the third was ok but by now it was early evening and it was time for food.


Not the day I had been hoping for. Not the day Matt had driven down from Glasgow for.   Pete has drama and random occurrences all the time but even he was surprised.


I’m not sure what will happen with my climbing this year, I’m not sure what to expect with it.  I feel like I’m waiting for someone to tell me something to do.  Maybe it’s from having my life organised for much of the year.  Maybe it’s from having so many plans fall through recently.  I’m going to wait and see what will happen first…

Pics from a less mental day with Craig and Pete