Katy Forrester | What Do You Give
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Katy Forrester

What Do You Give

I’ve spent the day inside, missing yet more warm dry weather and the gorgeous glowing sunset, the type which has a beautiful pink only available at spring.
While sitting here this evening I’ve seen countless photos of friends. Crushing. Sending.
And I’ve planned tomorrow lessons, done stuff for my essay. Marked some books. Written a note to each student.
And the feeds are full of Valencia filtered images of our hero’s shoes and shots. The glorious¬† highlighted updates of our most successful day. The picture perfect scheme, the sponsors dream.


My days do not have a perfection monitor. I cannot edit out the bad bits. I’ve not thought about the perfect angle. Rather how to interact, empathise with, reflect upon getting the most out of every student I meet. They don’t like it, don’t want to be pushed and cajoled, controlled and encouraged. They don’t see the effort that goes into every hour.


There is so much of a contrast between my dreams and ambitions. The stark reality of the truly self involved and selfless scenes from my play. This act has spun the story round. I think it ends differently now.


And while you all spout off about the same things, the success held in the carefully crafted edit of your outward exposure I wonder if any of you a truly happy about what you’ve given to the world today. Because the greatest battles do not fit into a tweet or Instagram shot. The depth of our experience is greater and more worthy than the cheap mementos plastered across the internet.